Hi! I'm Lauren King, I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you and working together this summer and next year. I've been teaching English in NYC for six years. When I was in high school I always claimed I was going to teach in New York City, and sometimes I still can't believe I'm actually here

Outside of my school life I work part-time at a running specialty shop in Hoboken. It's my second favorite job; I help people find the right shoes for their training, give them tips on injury prevention, and coach brand new runners to complete their first 5k race. Sometimes it's really frustrating to have to go to a second job after a day with 9th graders, but it's ridiculously fun and when the store is slow I get to grade papers! I can talk about running all day, which is great since I met my husband on our college track team he's a bigger running dork than I am!