I recently finished my first year of teaching at Success Academy Middle School, a charter school in Harlem. I worked in a Math room for the majority of the year, which was a new learning experience, to say the least (I studied English during undergrad and have my certification to teach English; working in a math room is something I never would have imagined myself doing). Next year, I will be working at a school in the Bronx in the same network and will miss my 6th graders; they made teaching Jonathan.jpgMath worth

In my spare time I enjoy losing myself in a book, wandering around my neighborhood, and visiting my family upstate. Helping my little brother (though he doesn’t look very little anymore- pictured to the right) with his homework every night was probably my first experience in tutoring and teaching. I try to visit as often as possible so I can cheer him on at his high school baseball & basketball games.

I am looking forward to collaborating & learning with all of you!